3-9/10-2019 Take It Through The Week

Monday - Psalms 21:11  David, the writer of most of the Psalms, was not only a worshiper of the Lord, but he was a prophet. Many of the scriptures he wrote, had an initial meaning in David’s life, but an ongoing fulfillment in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. Though they intend to harm you and devise a wicked plan, they will not prevail.  Here at Easter we celebrate Jesus’, death, burial, and especially, His Resurrection. Satan planned to destroy God’s plan for man’s redemption. Satan’s minions crucified Jesus in the most cruel, painful death imaginable. Though they intend to harm you and devise a wicked plan…  Now read Matthew 26:14-16. What Judas and the chief priests devised to destroy the Holy One, God used to make us Holy, to Him. Jesus’ betrayal was our betrothal. Jesus was betrayed so that we could become the Bride of Christ. With the shedding of His blood, we obtained the same hope and future that a betrothed bride has when she looks at her engagement ring. They will not prevail.. Not over Jesus, not over the Father’s plan, not over us.  Name three areas in your life, your enemies will not prevail over you.
Tuesday - Psalms 41:7–12 This is yet another prophecy by David, about Jesus. All who hate me whisper together about me; they plan to harm me. We can only imagine, as King of Israel, that David had. He had God’s chosen people to deal with, and all the enemies they had displaced. Internally and externally, the Kingdom of David was embattled and challenged. In the same way 1000 years later, the same things happened to Jesus. Judas and the Chief Priests plotted to capture Jesus and trap Him into a death sentence. Even my friend in whom I trusted, one who ate my bread, has raised up his heel against me. Read  Matthew 26:24-25. By that time, Judas had already made the deal with the Chief Priests for 30 pieces of silver. Even though Judas turned against Jesus and betrayed Him, the same promise was true…the enemy does not shout in triumph over me. Jesus was raised from the dead and Judas went to the grave, and ultimately, to hell. God will set Jesus, and us,  in Your presence forever. The victory will belong to Jesus and Jesus’ victory will forever belong to you and I. Hallelujah, what a Savior!
Wednesday – Psalms 83:2–4 They devise clever schemes against Your people; they conspire against Your treasured ones. The nation of Israel stands today in Palestine, as a miraculous testimony of Jesus’ coming Kingdom. It has forever been true, up until this very day that the enemies of the one true God, have devised clever schemes against Your people. The holocaust was meant to wipe the Jews out, and yet they emerged with a future and became an old people with a new Nation. They say, come let us wipe them out as a nation so that Israel’s name will no longer be remembered. After a 2000-year exile from the Holy Land, Israel is today, once again a nation. They survive on a tiny, contested sliver of land, that has no human reason to exist. For thousands of years, Your enemies; those who hate You have acted arrogantly. And what have they accomplished? Nothing. God’s plan for Israel has still occurred. This Easter , what is the application we can draw from this passage? God’s promise of protection for Israel is still true, and for you and I, His promises to us are still true. Jesus is alive, and we are alive in Him. And yes, the Bible teaches that one day, Israel will return to Him and will weep over the scars in Jesus’ nail-pierced hands. The world has devised schemes, but the Lord has made plans. God’s , trump the world’s schemes. Remember that the next time you hear the word, “Israel”.
Thursday - Psalms 83:5–12 The list of nations given in this Psalm is exactly the same as the ones today who form an alliance against You. This list of ancient Nations may have different names today but they are still the same peoples. They surround and hate Israel. Deal with them as You did with Midian…You can read about God using Gideon to destroy the Midianites in Judges 7. When Gideon and his 300 men shouted and blew their trumpets, the Midianites fled in terror. If you are familiar with the recent history of Israel, beginning in 1948, the miracles are no less fabulous.  God has protected His people. Even though they are surrounded by millions of Arabs with thousands of years of hatred amassed. Deal with them…is exactly what God has done. And it is what He will do. Read Hebrews.6:13-18. Because God wanted to show His unchangeable purpose even more clearly to the heirs of the promise, He guaranteed it with an oath… You and I, through Jesus Christ, are heirs of the promise. We are heirs of the promises, God made to Abraham. We have been promised eternal life in God’s eternal promised land. We who have fled for refuge might have strong encouragement to seize the hope set before us. Abraham’s promises are our promises. Israel’s hope is our hope. Seize the hope set before you and live like a people encouraged and redeemed!
Friday - Psalms 83:13–18  Cover their faces with shame so that they will seek Your name Yahweh. God wants the world to seek Him. He wants the world to know that He alone is God. May they know that You alone- whose name is Yahweh- are the Most High over all the earth. God uses everything at His disposal to say to the World that He is there and that He loves them. Read John 3:16-17. Notice God loved the world in this way; He gave His One and Only son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. From book to book and Old to New Testament, the story is the same. God loves the world. We are in the world. God loves us. And He doesn’t want to condemn the world, but that the World through Him might be saved. Who are you praying for to be saved? Pray with me. Father God, please help me to show You love to ____________. I pray that they come to know You and Your faithful love. Help me to show them that love. In Jesus Name, Amen.  
Saturday - Isaiah 53:10 He will prolong His days. If you read Isa. 53, it becomes quickly apparent that 700 years before Christ, God described virtually everything that would happen to Jesus…including His Resurrection. As you celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection this week, remember God promised to raise Him from the dead. By His hand, the Lord’s pleasure will be accomplished. Remember that you are the Lord’s Pleasure. You, being saved by God’s Grace, and living through Jesus and for Him, is the most pleasing thing in the universe to God. Walk in that today.

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