10-6-2018 Take It Through The Week

Monday – Deuteronomy 6:6-12 What are the promises (given to the Israelites) associated with God’s Word? List them and think about them. As believers today the same promises extend to us. Those promises come from doing v. 6-9. Pick a favorite verse to memorize with your children and/or spouse. Tell them why Deuteronomy 6:6-12 says to memorize the Word.
Tuesday – Joshua 1:6-9 Joshua is told to “Be strong and courageous!” The children of Israel are entering the promised land. It is inhabited by strong people in fortified cities. What does God tell Joshua about His Word? Why? What is success according to God? How does that extend to us today?
Wednesday – Nehemiah 8:8-9 During one of the times when Israel was disobedient to the Lord, they were carried off in captivity. Nehemiah was given permission to go back to Jerusalem and rebuild it. In the rebuilding, there was a point at which The Word Of God was read aloud in Jerusalem for the first time in decades. Notice the people weep not just at the reading of the Word of God but because those reading it, read it in a way they could understand it. At LifeHouse Fellowship Church we long ago agreed upon this principle as vitally important among us. At LFC our Purpose Statement is “..to translate the Good News of Jesus Christ into terms that everyone can understand and then embrace…” What similarities do you see from Nehemiah 8:8-9?
Thursday –  Psalm 1 Where does this scripture say happiness comes from? Whose advice should we not follow? What is the secret to real prosperity?
Friday –  Psalms 19:7-11 According to this, how do we renew our life? According to this passage, what are the benefits of learning God’s Word? Why is the instruction in God’s Word likened to  being more valuable than gold?
Saturday – Palms 112:1-4 How might we take “great delight” in the Lord’s commands? List some ways that we might demonstrate delighting in the Law of the Lord?. Why does it say his descendants will be blessed? Why does it promise wealth and prosperity? We as a nation are blessed in this way. Is it important that we individually continue as Christians? That our children become Christian leaders? Why?

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