12-29/30-2018 Take It Through The Wee

Monday – John 18:27-39 Pilate asks the question that each of us will ultimately
ask in our lives, “what is truth?” What prompted Pilate’s question? Jesus had
just explained His reason for living. That sparked within Pilate a question he
had evidently already been considering. Pilate evidently didn’t know his
purpose. He didn’t see truth in the world around him. Truth is fleeting even in a
world of instant information like the one we live in today. Each of us has learned
the hard way that one internet writer may say one thing, and then the next one
we read may say exactly the opposite. It seems like the more we know the less
we know. But Jesus had said to Pilate that he came into this world to “testify to
the truth”. Not a truth. Not some truth. Jesus said, “the truth”. You hold in your
hands what Jesus was testifying to. The Bible is Absolute Truth, that is
completely reliable all the time. Jesus said He came to “…testify to the truth.” If
we apply God’s Word in our lives, we will be living in truth. Therefore we can
know the exact thing Pilate was asking about. “What is truth?” You are holding
it in your hands. The Written Word of God is Absolute Truth.
Tuesday – Deuteronomy 32:4 What is the biggest rock you have ever seen?
Now imagine that rock is immovable and unbreakable. What would it take to
move it? It can’t be moved. That is what God says of himself. He is the Rock.
Not a Rock, not one of many Rocks. The Rock. Perfect and just. Then in
addition, he describes Himself as “faithful without prejudice”. What does
“without prejudice” mean? He loves everyone equally. He loves me as much as
he loves you. Everyone who follows him is blessed without prejudice. He is
indeed righteous and true. Pray with me. Lord thank you that you are the Rock
that I can build my life on. I can build my family on your foundations. Help us to
follow you and to be a reflection of your faithfulness. In Jesus Name, Amen.
Wednesday – Psalms 25:5 Do you ever pray the prayer written in this passage
of scripture? We constantly face decisions and situations where we need
guidance. In these circumstances, God intends for us to call out to Him. To call
on Him. When we are confused, we should pray very specifically from God’s
Word. “Guide me in Your truth and teach me. What an awesome prayer to an
awesome God who is willing to do awesome things in our lives. Read Ps.
50:15. What does it teach you that God is willing to do for you?
Thursday – Psalms 26:12 Have you ever stood for a while on the side of a hill?
After a while, it is exhausting. You can never relax, for if you do you will fall.
And if you fall then it is very difficult to get back up to where you were before
you fell. The writer of this Psalm says he is standing on level ground. We know
that He is talking about the Word of God. We know that, from the other
statements He makes about God’s Word. Read Ps. 119:105. What does it
teach that you want to apply in your life?
Friday- Psalms 86:11 If you show me how, I will do it. Teach me your way and I
will live by it, Lord. By humbly asking God for help, we approach the One who
spoke the world into existence. We approach the One who created both the
sunset and the sunrise. He thought up their beauty. He decided what colors He
would paint the dusky sky. He is the One who will be teaching us His ways and
truths. He is the one who can take our divided minds and loyalties and make us
true to Him. He is the one who will teach us how to reverence and worship His
Name. Pray with me. Teach me your ways, my Savior God. Teach me to live by
your truth. Help me to think of you before I make decisions. Help me to think of
you before I act. Help me to learn your Word and live by it daily. Give me a
mind that is fixed on You and Your Ways. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.
Saturday – John 16:13 When the Holy Spirit of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ is
invited in your heart He will help you to hear the Word of God. Our part is to
read and learn it. The Holy Spirit will confirm God’s Word and how we should
live by it. That is why Jesus himself ascended back to heaven and sent the
Holy Spirit to live inside of us. He will also declare to us what is ahead for us. I
mean that He will give us hope for the future. We know for sure that we will
someday live in eternity. We also know that the Bible teaches that as we live in
His Truth, our lives will eventually be blessed. Read Ps. 25:10 What promise
does God make you? Write it down below and spend a few moments thinking
about what it says.

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