We are transitioning our Giving Platform

Why are we changing?  Because we take your financial contributions to the Kingdom seriously. We want to steward that well. So here are three reasons we are making a change.

  1. Processing Fees - Processing fees are a reality of online donations. Our new Giving processor has over 1% lower processing fees than our previous vendor.
  2. Convince - We are consolidating and streamlining. Our new giving integrates perfectly with our coming mobile app. You will be able to not only give, but get quick information such as your giving history or even a digital giving statement. 
  3. Operation - In the last few months we have had an increased number of incidents around our previous vendor. We take security seriously and our new Vendor has a much more robust development and customer care resources to minimize any issue in the giving process. 

We are aware that this is going to take some time to transition. But, we ask those who has recurring giving on EasyTithe to move those to our new system.

New Giving Portal