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Yet another mass shooting. We have created a generation of psychopaths and sociopaths. Bear in mind, I am referring to a biblical generation of 40-70 years. We are the generation after the Bible and Prayer were removed from our public schools. And the worst of us, is crazy. Furthermore, they have no empathy or concern for anyone, other than themselves.

In their warped thinking, they value revenge and fame more than anything else. In their world of instant gratification, fast food, porn, video games, and the most violent popular “music” that has ever existed, they have no qualms with becoming their own Hitler, in their own regime.

So what is the solution? Gun control? Reality says the most dangerous places in our nation, are the places with the most gun control. History says there is nowhere more dangerous, than a nation where the citizens do not have guns. Neither reality, nor history, are likely to change. So, with the help of our media and universities, we are changing our perception of reality and history. And even then, it is we who are changing, not reality, or history.

What is the answer? Better legislation as to who can buy guns? Better processes and better government, with our current laws would be a good thing. But go to any government office, for any government service and then hold your breath, while you wait for their task to be accomplished. The bloat of red tape and bureaucracy typically reduces government servants, to a dreary day-to-day existence. Then, that same bureaucracy enslaves the citizenry. Bigger government simply isn’t better, in practice.

So what is the answer to raving lunatics with guns? Could we perhaps, be beginning to see, as a nation, that when we falter in the wishes of our founding fathers, we all suffer? We are a nation established by Capital Punishment. A death sentence used to mean something. Today when crimes are so heinous, that even our lax justice system requires an “eye for an eye”, a death sentence is merely a speech, meaning nothing. Our prisons are full of men who have done such despicable things, that a judge has declared them worthy of the death penalty.

And yet, they live. A death sentence means nothing because it is rarely carried out, even after years.

Our nation was founded on the Bible. And the Bible commands capital punishment. Even in sanctuary cities.

Deuteronomy 19:11–13 “11 But if someone hates his neighbor, lies in ambush for him, attacks him, and strikes him fatally, and flees to one of these cities, 12 the elders of his city must send for him, take him from there, and hand him over to the avenger of blood and he will die. 13 You must not look on him with pity but purge from Israel the guilt of shedding innocent blood, and you will prosper.”

Interestingly, it was God himself who originated the idea of sanctuary cities. He had said if someone accidentally killed someone else, there were three cities they could flee to. In that city, not even the relatives of the deceased could touch him.

But pre-meditated murder was dealt with harshly. Murderers must be executed.

Deuteronomy 17:6–7 “6 The one condemned to die is to be executed on the testimony of two or three witnesses. No one is to be executed on the testimony of a single witness. 7 The witnesses’ hands are to be the first in putting him to death, and after that, the hands of all the people. You must purge the evil from you.”

Make sure to note that this is not just a public execution. This is the public being the executioners. Why would the Bible demand such a thing? So that murderers would have seen ahead of time, the fate that would be theirs, if they murder.

If we want to change the direction of our country, then it is not through more useless legislation and disarming the citizens. No, it is a return to rapidly and publicly enforcing the death penalty. Obviously, we as a society cannot return to stoning. But we can return to enforcement of the death penalty, under our present laws. And those executions can be public, so that terrorists, murderers, and the like, are afraid of what will happen to them, if they do all the evil that they dream of.

Deuteronomy 6:24–25 “24 The LORD commanded us to follow all these statutes and to fear the LORD our God for our prosperity always and for our preservation, as it is today. 25 Righteousness will be ours if we are careful to follow every one of these commands before the LORD our God, as He has commanded us.’”

(What does the New Testament say about the death penalty? Watch for the next Pastor’s Blog.)

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