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Children’s Ministry (Powerhouse)

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What is the Powerhouse? It’s s an exciting Sunday morning kids show for Kindergarten through 5th grade kids where they experience the powerful, joyful life that God offers to each of them. Under the leadership and care of the PowerHouse team, kids make friends, laugh, learn, play, sing and celebrate! The energy carries right over to Wednesday nights, where kids have fun and learn core Bible truths.

Transparent_kidsThere is everything from extravagant children’s productions to non-traditional ‘off the hook’ VBS and everything in between for kids at LifeHouse!


Tween Ministry

At LifeHouse, Middle School age kids have their own environment that promotes personal spiritual concepts and encourages a brave Christian walk. Fifth through seventh grade young people will feel confident with themselves and with their identity in Christ, while they help create an atmosphere that provides vital social connections.

Just as middle school young people are diverse, colorful, and energetic, so also are the events and activities presented for Middle School.

Youth Ministry

Is it more difficult to be a teenager or to be the parent of a teenager? Being a teenager today is hard…maybe harder than it’s ever been.
Times have changed. Today’s teens face more temptations and dangers than previous generations. But that doesn’t change the fact that
IMG_7975God still loves them and desperately wants a relationship with them.

God’s standards have not changed. He has not deserted us and never will. He has the only plan for us to successfully navigate this life.
We love teens! That’s why we make every effort to share God’s plan with them by developing relationships with them, being involved in their lives and
sharing our lives with them. It takes more than teaching. It takes a relationship. Helping teens do life means that sometimes we have to get your hands dirty, we have to walk through a fire with them and their parents.

But the best part is that we get to share in the good stuff! It’s such a thrill to see them learn just how much God loves them and use the gifts He gives them.
They are capable of amazing things. They can be a light in this dark world. We love going to camp, game nights, bowling parties, bonfires, all night gaming…the list goes on and on.

But the best part is just loving our kids and seeing them grow in their relationship with our Lord while we help each other do life.

College and Career Ministry

2Emerge is a group of young adults ages 18-25 that are devoted to following whatever and wherever God leads them.  They are passionate about God and worshiping Him through praise, and aren’t afraid to stand up for their dreams. They aim to bring glory to God through everything they do and want to spread the word of God to everyone they can!

The Emerge group meets at 6pm, on Sunday Nights, in the Cafe Building. Contact Kent Voorhies

Deaf Ministry

Our purpose is to reach out to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities to show the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our hands, our hearts and our lives. We love interpreting sermons, Sunday school classes and other IMG_3795 activities to ensure the deaf and hard of hearing can understand, participate and enjoy all LifeHouse Fellowship activities.  We strive to unite all people in the Body of Christ.