Upcoming Events

Check out and register for upcoming events at Lifehouse


Here is the step-by-step for parents:

1.       Click this link.  https://register.circuitree.com/crossings//Registration/RequestCode/20446

2.    Confirm your church’s registration information and click “Continue.”

3.    When asked, “Who are you registering?” select “My Child.”

4.    Select “Create New Account.” *Everyone will need to create a new account, even if you have had a Crossings account in the past.

5.    Fill out your information as the parent to create your family account.

6.    Click “Create.”

7.    Fill out your child’s information, which includes medical information and POI selection.

8.    Once you reach the “Registration Details” page, you have finished.

Special Notes for Parents

-If you are both a parent and chaperone, please fill out the Chaperone directions first, then follow the directions (using your same parent account username and password) to register your child.

Parents should not have to go through any windows that require them to pay.
-After they create their account (as guided above) parents can log in and choose “view itinerary” in order to view and/or adjust their Child’s information.
-For families with multiple children: For each child, you will need to click the custom link (provided by your group leader) and walk through the above process.