Brexit happens!

So my wife and I are back from a business trip to Norway and then we stopped into England for four days on the way back. She won the trip to Norway so she wanted to stop in and work with a team she has in Grantham, Great Britain on the way back through.

I have to say I had no idea Great Britain was having a nationwide referendum on exiting the European Union. That is, not until we landed at Heathrow in London. It was in all the newspapers and everyone was talking about it. I always read the newspapers when I travel internationally because I can actually get …news. Can’t get it here in the U.S. where the media is totally controlled and manipulated. Everything is going to be spun, from what is actually covered, to how it is covered. But in other countries you can get … news.

We were there for four days and left the country on Tuesday just before the historic vote last Thursday. In case you didn’t know, Great Britain voted to exit the European Union. Thus the term, “Brexit.”

While I was there I got an earful about it. When folks found out I was a pastor, they immediately wanted to know why all the muslims were immigrating to their country. You see whatever else you read or hear about Brexit, it never would have happened, if there wasn’t a mass distrust of Muslim immigrants. And unlike here where our president won’t even use the word Isis, the Brits remember they have been attacked repeatedly by Muslims in their own land. Brexit is primarily about being unable to stop an inundation of potential terrorists that will continue those attacks. If you are a member of the European Union, you have an open doors immigration policy that can’t be negotiated or altered. London has literally been invaded by Muslims.

So one man, in particular, asked me the question, and I answered him honestly. “So are they coming here for economic reasons or are they coming here to take over?” So I answered him. “They are coming here to take over”. He said, “Really”? And I said, “Really”. He said, “How do you know”? And I said, “Because they told me.” He said, “Really”? And I said “Really.” “Their holy writings command it. “

Many years ago, I had opportunity to sit with a Muslim Imam on two different occasions and just let him talk. I asked him questions and didn’t disagree or correct anything he said. Here’s one question from that conversation. “But the news says that the Koran teaches peace and that Muslims are peaceful. Isn’t that right?” His response? “Yes, the Koran does say that, but in many places it says…” And he started quoting the other verses. He quoted the verses that form the basis for everything Isis and before that Al Queda is doing. He didn’t quote all of the more than 70 “Jihad” verses, but he quoted enough of the them. They plainly command Muslims to conquer the world by killing anyone who won’t become Muslim, especially Jews and Christians. And yes, it names Jews and Christians specifically.

Then I said, “But why don’t they say that when being interviewed? Why don’t they just tell people what they really want?” He said because, “We are going to take over the world by any means possible. By force or by lying, it doesn’t matter to us. We are going to make the whole world muslim.”

So I said, “But isn’t a muslim prohibited from lying?” He smiled gleefully and said, “A muslim cannot lie to another muslim, but he may lie to anyone else.” I remember the proud look on his face as he justified lying to non-muslims. Now make sure you take that into account the next time you hear a “moderate, non-radicalized” muslim talk about the peaceful parts of the Koran.

The conversations took place over two different meetings and a total of five hours. At the end of the conversation I thanked the Imam for his time. Then he asked me the question, “What do you think? Do you want to become Muslim?”

I smiled and thanked Him for confirming my Bible. I told Him the truth. “The Bible talked about all of this thousands of years ago. , and you have just built up my faith in my Bible like nothing else I’ve ever heard. Thank you.”

He didn’t receive the last comment well. And we never talked again after that.

But God gave me what I needed to know about Islam more than 20 years ago. It will be interesting to see what transpires concerning Brexit, in the years to come. But rest assured, this decision was about immigration.

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