Welcome to Lifehouse!

The Perfect Place for People that Aren't
Satuday Service starts at 6:30pm Sunday Service starts at 10:00am


223 Gifford Place

Joelton, TN 37080

What to expect?

When you walk into Lifehouse for service you are going to be greeted with a smile from someone that is sincerely glad to see you. We love new visitors and we actually will have a gift for you! When you come to Lifehouse you get a really cool coffee mug!

Services are going to have worship, a children’s scripture time, and a biblical sermon. We love having Kids in the first part of our service and before they head to children’s church after the first set of worship, we invite kids to come to the stage and share a bible verse they have memorized!

Some bullet points to help

  • Casual Clothes! That’s right, our pastor preaches in blue jeans, so no need to wear anything special!
  • Saturday Service starts at 6:30 pm!
  • Sunday Morning starts at 10 am!
  • Children stay in service until after the first set of worship, then we have a short break and let the parents take their kids to our high energy children’s church!
  • If it your first time at church, we invite you to get a free mug from us after service!


Purpose Statement

"Our Purpose is to translate the Good News of Jesus Christ into terms that everyone can understand and then embrace..."

About Lifehouse Fellowship Church

We believe the Bible is God’s love letter to humanity. It contains everything we need to know to have a healthy family, a happy life, hope and a future. We believe God is for us. We believe He wants us to know Him and to make Him known to others. We believe that God doesn’t love some people more than others, but that anyone who hears the Word of God can be born again, by confessing faith in the Risen Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that everyone can learn to have faith in Him and become His Child.

Mission Statement

"Making Him Known Here And Around the World"

Resources on Lifehouse

Our Church Constitution
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LifeHouse Fellowship Church Constitution

Our Bylaws
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Life House Fellowship Church BYLAWS