Monday- 2 Timothy 2:8–16 Verse 15 reminds us that we will stand before the Lord someday. We will literally present ourselves the way that people are presented to royalty. When that moment comes we will be judged by how we handled the Word of Truth. We don’t have to be a preacher to correctly teach the word. We teach with everything we say and do. We teach with how we live. If we are walking with God then it will be evident in our lives. Verse 11 teaches that if we die to self we will live with him. It encourages us to endure. It encourages us to never deny Him. It even goes so far as to say if we don’t have enough faith and are faithless, He is still faithful to us. That is because the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us is a part of God. So we are a part of God. Read Romans 8: 38-39. Doesn’t it make you happy, happy, happy that 2 Tim. 2:11 and Romans 8:38-39 teach the same thing? God will keep on loving us because we are His children.


Tuesday-Psalms 1:1–3 The first Psalm lays the foundation for a happy life. We are not to follow the advice or the counsel of those who don’t follow the Lord. The only source of truth we embrace is His Word. We are actually told that if we delight in God’s Word, we will be like a tree planted by streams of water. Have you ever seen a drought? How the trees and plants dry up and get brown for lack of rain? The Psalmist says someone who meditates on the Word of the Lord is like a tree planted by not just one stream but streams of water. In other words, the best place in the whole land to be a tree would be by multiple streams of water. This passage teaches that whatever the one who meditates on the Word of God does will prosper. That is the reason we “Take It Through The Week” and study His word daily.


Wednesday- Psalms 1:4–6 This is the rest of Psalm 1. We read the first part of the chapter yesterday. Today we read how God contrasts the fate of the wicked, those who don’t follow His Word. While those who meditate on His Word are like a tree planted by streams of water, the wicked are compared to chaff and dust. In a drought, plants shrivel and dry and become dust. The wind picks up the dust and blows it away. Back during the late 70’s a band called Kansas had a number one hit called “Dust In The Wind”. The song said, “All we are is dust in the wind.” The music was catchy but the lyrics were quite depressing. The song was about the pointlessness of life. It compared humanity to dust in the wind. For someone who doesn’t follow the Word of the Lord the future is much like the dust. They will not survive the judgment, they will not be in heaven. The Psalm closes in verse 6 with a summary. Look at verse 6 and the difference between the way of the righteous and the way of the wicked. We choose daily to follow Him because we believe what He says about Himself, and about us.



Thursday- Psalms 89:8–17 This is one of my favorite passages. “Who is strong like You, Lord?” The Psalmist extols the strength and power of the Lord. In verse 12 we learn that God himself created North and South. Amazing!. Men didn’t come up with that, God did. He says so right here. Then in verse 15 we learn that one of the components of true joy is the realization that His people walk in the light of His presence. God himself, the one who created the universe wants to be near us. He wants us to know He wants to be near us. Therefore Christians are the people who know the joyful shout. Rejoicing will be an ever-growing process that will ultimately culminate in a shout of victory when we see Jesus. He is our magnificent strength to carry on. Your favor is upon us and will bless us in every way. Spiritual, emotional, and material favor is ours because of our God. Hallelujah! Take a few moments and praise Him for His goodness toward you.


Friday- Psalms 119:1–8 We don’t have to read the Psalms for very long before we find statements we can identify with. Verse 5 is blistering in it’s honesty. It exposes the heart of man and confesses that many times we don’t really want to follow Him. So the Psalmist prays, “If only my ways were committed to keeping your statutes!” It is a confession in that He acknowledges He doesn’t always want to be committed to God’s Word. I know you have felt that way. We all have. Read 1 Cor. 10:13, it puts us all on level ground. There is an old saying the ground at the foot of the cross is level. When confronted with the sacrifice Jesus made for us, we all are humbled. No one is prideful at the foot of the cross. The Psalmist’s prayer here is very humble and honest. He confesses and prays to be more committed to keeping God’s Word.

Pray this with me, Dear Lord, There are many times and many days when I want to go my own way. Just as the Psalmist does, I confess my lack of commitment as sin. I ask you to help me love you more, follow you better, and seek you more consistently. I will keep your statutes, never abandon me. Keep me close to you because I need you. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.


Saturday- James 1:12–18 Happy is the man who endures trials because that means that He will inherit the Crown of Life. God doesn’t actually temp anyone, but each of us is tempted by our own selfish desires. We are all in the same boat. We are sinners. Aren’t you glad that this passage (V. 17-18) teaches us that He doesn’t change? With Him, His love for us is constant and consistent. An old hymn entitled “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” says this…

Great is thy faithfulfulness, O God my Father.

There is no shadow of turning with thee.

Thou changest not they compassions, they fail not.

As though has been, thou forever wilt be.


Great is thy faithfulness, Great is thy faithfulness,

Morning by morning new mercies I see.

All I have needed thy hand hath provided.

Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto me.


Take a few moments to think about what the Bible teaches about God’s unfailing, unchanging love. Write down three things that speak to you of God’s love.




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