Monday – Genesis 6:8–9 When we look around at the world today we see many good things and we see many evil things. There was a time in the history of the world when God looked at the world and He only saw evil. However, in an entire world of evil men, Noah found favor with God. Why? Noah walked with God. That means more than anyone else in the world, Noah thought about God. He sought God. He desired to know God. He looked at the creation and knew there had to be a Creator. Even amidst the evil, the creation itself spoke of a God to be sought after. That desire to know God, resulted in a single “righteous man, blameless among his contemporaries.” If God found one righteous man in the whole world during Noah’s time, will He not reward you and I if we seek Him? Read Hebrews 11:6 What does God promise to do if we earnestly seek Him?

Tuesday –  Genesis 18:1–4 Abraham found favor with God. That is why the Lord appeared to him. It is interesting that the Lord appears in the form of three men. It is only one of the many places that God expresses himself as a Trinity. God appears to Abraham so that Abraham can understand the full extent of God’s favor upon him. When Abraham says, “If I have found favor in your sight…”, he really has no idea just how much favor he has found. The story unfolds as God tells Abraham he is going to have a son. Sarah laughs as she listens in on the conversation. And yet, the favor of God on Abraham is going to result in salvation, sent through the descendants of Abraham. Salvation will be sent to the world through Abraham’s descendants. Yes, spiritually, even you and I are Abraham’s descendants. And spiritually, the favor of God extended to Abraham, rests today on all believers who are seeking the Lord. Read Mt. 6:33 List three ways you can seek the Lord in your life today. List the three areas you are praying for God’s favor for you and your family.

Wednesday – Nehemiah 2:4–6 Nehemiah served so faithfully under his enemy, the King who had conquered his home country, that Nehemiah found favor with the king. To go to a king in those days without the King summoning you was certain death. However, God had placed Nehemiah in the most trusted position in the entire Empire. He was the cup-bearer to the King. It was Nehemiah’s responsibility to make sure the King was not poisoned. Nehemiah was placed there so that when the time was right, Jerusalem would be rebuilt. The favor and promises given to Abraham were re-affirmed in Nehemiah. Read Nehemiah 9:5-8. The Levites lead the Israelites in worship. The worship re-affirms God’s promises and favor given to Abraham. Our lives are much the same. We constantly re-affirm the promises given to us by the Lord. When the circumstances of our lives get complicated we think back on what God has said. What He has said, changes everything about what we say and do. Pray with me. Help us Lord to serve others so faithfully that they bless our God in Heaven. Help us to love others so completely that they understand who our God is. Help us to love Your Word and for Your Words to pour from our lips so that others know who You are. We live for you. We are Your people and You are our God. Be exalted in our lives, as we serve You and build Your Kingdom. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Thursday –  Psalms 4:5–7 We are told repeatedly in the Word to “…trust in the Lord.” It is a common phrase. The challenge of it is that the world around us is constantly saying, “Who can show us anything good?” Without the Lord, in the absence of the purpose and hope we get from God’s Word, we can understand how the world can see only dimly through jaded lenses. But believers find purpose in serving Him. In the world without the Lord, purposelessness prevails. But for believers, we cry out, “Look on us with favor, Lord.” Is it any wonder that the very next verse after praying for God’s favor is an expression of ultimate joy. There was no more joyous time back then, than when the harvest was completed and there was plenty for everyone. The Psalmist says God’s favor is better and more than the sweetest time of plenty and blessing. Pray with me. Grant us Your favor, O Lord. Help us in every way to be pleasing to You. You are more valuable than anything or anyone in our lives. Bless us with Your favor. Bless those we love with Your favor. In Jesus Name We pray, Amen.

Friday – Psalms 5:11–12 One of the priorities I have always had as a husband and father is to put my family in the safest car I can buy. A safe car is like a shield around them. While a poorly made vehicle could collapse in an accident, a safe car protects them. But the Psalm here says, that the Lord surrounds the righteous one with favor, like a shield. While we may not have much experience with swords and shields today, we understand the protection of a safely designed car. Here it says that all who take refuge in God’s favor should rejoice, literally “shout for joy forever.” We will indeed “shout for joy forever”, you know?  We will see Him one day, as He is, and we will, “shout for joy forever”. Then when we have done that enough, we will do it again. We will thank Him eternally for being our shelter. We who love His Name will boast about the refuge we found in it. We will know as we look at every other Saint there in heaven that not one of us deserved being there. Not one of us was righteous on our own. But we will boast to one another about our Savior. We will sing of the joy we have, by having the Risen Lord Jesus Christ as our refuge, our shield, our shelter. Take a moment and write down a few thoughts about this scripture and how it affects you. Then find an opportunity with someone somewhere, to share those thoughts with. If you ask Him, He will give you the opportunity to share your Joy.

Saturday – Psalms 30:4–10  If we have not faced at least one empty tearful night in our lives, surely there will be a time when we understand “weeping for the night…” Grief is a part of life and at some point we will deal with it. If we grow in Him and understand His favor, we can have “joy in the morning”. Not everything is good but everything can work for good. Read Rom. 8:28. His part is to work all things for good. Our part is to love Him and know that we are called according to His purposes. Sometimes that calling involves joy and sometimes tears. As the Psalmist deals with the doubts and difficulty of life, his final word, “…listen and be gracious to me: Lord, be my helper.” And the good news of the Gospel is that when we call out to Him, He always hears us. Not sometimes, always. Read Micah 7:7 Yes, it promises that He will always hear us when we call. Take a moment and think about the most important thing in your life right now. Now call on the Lord and ask Him to help you in that matter. Keep carrying it to Him. He will answer in His time.

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