Monday– Psalms 9:9–10 “You have not abandoned those who seek you, Yahweh.” The Psalms are incredibly personal and familiar to all of us. What the writer felt when reaching out to the Lord, we feel. Feel alone? Feel abandoned? Read a Psalm and immediately you know that you are only feeling what everyone has felt. And if we are all going through the same things, are we truly alone? The Word of God is clear, God has a heart for the oppressed. “The Lord Is a refuge for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble.” Who is He a refuge for? This passage is clear that those who know His Name will know how to trust Him in those times of trouble. How do we come to know His Name? How do we come to know His ways? Read Isa. 55:8-11. We are told that our ways are not His ways. But then we are told His Word does not come back void. It accomplishes what He wants. And what He wants is for us to know Him. Think about that. He wants us to know Him so He can be a refuge for us in times of trouble. Take a few moments to think about how much He loves you. Ask Him to help you love Him more.

Tuesday – Psalms 17:6–8 Do you ever feel like you’re not sure if God is hearing your prayers? Take comfort from verse 6. David asks God to hear him. David says the right thing in saying “…because You will answer me…” but then he follows up by saying, you’re listening, right? We understand that, don’t we? We call on the Name of the Lord and say true things about Him, but sometimes we doubt. David calls Him the “Savior of all who seek refuge…” partially because it is true, and partially because He needs to say it is true. There is a lesson for us in that. We need to have faith, but also need to positively confess our faith. The last verse in this selection says something astounding. “Protect me as the pupil of Your eye: hide me in the shadow of Your wings.” Is there any part of the body more important than the pupil of the eye? David was a warrior. He knew that a warrior without his eyes, is blind. David knew that God is all-powerful and that there is no more protected place than the place David asks God for. He asks to be protected by God in the same way a warrior would protect his eyes. Why does he ask this? He said it in verse 6, “I call on You, God because You will answer me.” We can have the same relationship with God. He loves of just as much as He loves David. And the same scriptural promises given to David are given to us. Take a moment and read this passage again. Then pray it aloud and make it your prayer.

Wednesday – Psalms 18:1–3 The theme of these Psalms is that God protects those who seek Him. If we seek refuge, He will be our strength, rock, fortress and deliverer. If we seek Him, He also will be our mountain, our shield, the horn of our salvation, and our stronghold. I don’t know of any more powerful statement in scripture given to those of us who seek the Lord than these two verses. Surely any one of us seeking refuge from enemies or difficult situations can find at least one term in these verses that blesses us and encourages us. “I called to the Lord, who is worthy of praise, and I was saved from my enemies.” Write down the three places of protection in these verses that communicate to you the most. Pray with me: I love you my Lord. You are my protector. Protect me from the evil one. Protect me from the world. Protect me so that I can praise You. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

Thursday – Psalms 22:25–26 When we gather together as a church, God desires our praise. There is nothing that pleases Him more than a congregation that is unified and focused on praising His name. “Those who seek the Lord will praise Him.” Praise goes hand in hand with seeking Him. It is a super-natural response to finding Him and being found by Him. If we truly understand how much He desires our praise, then we cannot help but give to Him what He deserves. We cannot help but worship Him. “Those who seek the Lord will praise Him.” Why? Because He will gather those who seek Him close to Him. And if we are drawn close to Him, we will worship. We cannot contain it.

Friday – Psalms 24:4–6 When this Psalm was written 1000 years BC, there were certain characteristics seen in those who were truly seeking the Lord. The same things are true today. When I say truly seek the Lord, I am talking about a heart change. I am talking about getting a glimpse of Him and knowing that all our righteousness is as filthy rags, if not for Him. Read Isa. 64:6. We have no righteousness on our own. Our righteousness, is in being born again by the blood of Jesus Christ. Read Romans 3:22-23. Our righteousness comes from Jesus. He is our righteousness and we are His Inheritance. He has given us “Clean hands and a pure heart”, as described in Ps. 24:4-6. Because of Him we will receive “blessing from the Lord and righteousness.” We are the generation that it speaks of in Psalms. Spend a few minutes in prayer and thank God that what the Old Testament Prophets longed to see, we have seen. We have seen the Righteous Messiah die for our sin and we are righteous because we have confessed our sin. Praise be to God!!!

Saturday – Psalms 27:7–10 We are commanded in this Psalm to seek the Lord. Not only are we to seek Him, but our hearts tell us that, “You are to seek My face.” God Himself calls us to seek His face. What was lost in the Garden because of man’s sin, we are compelled by God’s Word to resume. God walked in the Garden of Eden with man. Because of sin that ceased. But now we are commanded to seek His face. We have to respond because we are empty and lost without knowing Him. His Holy Spirit draws us and compels us to want to know Him. We are nothing without seeking Him. “Lord, I will seek Your face” is the only answer that satisifies Him and also satisfies us. And it is truly amazing that He desires for us to know Him. It is amazing that He will never abandon us. Verse 10 tells us that even if our natural father or mother abandons us, still the Lord cares for us. Pray with me: My heavenly Father, I seek you. You compel me. You command me to seek You and I obey. I want to know You. I want to please You. I want to be a blessing to You. Be exalted in my life. Be exalted in my home and family. Thank you for hearing me. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.


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