Monday – Isa. 11:3-4 This is one of the many prophetic passages from the Old
Testament that describe not only the Messiah but also the heart of our
Father-God. God the Father was sending the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ
to do what we could not do. I don’t know about you, but I don’t delight all the
time in the fear of the Lord. There are many times when I don’t think about
God at all, much less fear Him. But Jesus did for us what we could not do. He
walked in the fear of the Lord. He obeyed the Lord. And Jesus does not judge
us by what he sees in us now, but by what we can someday be. That is why it
says in verse 4 that “He will judge the poor righteously and execute justice
for the oppressed of the land.” Not because we are deserving but because He
is merciful and good. There will come a time when He will set everything right.
Corrupt politicians? Evil tyrants? Rich robber barons who suppress the poor
and keep them poor? Yes he will correct this and more. He will set every
injustice aright and make every evil manipulation of the evil one of no
consequence. All the tricks and traps of the world’s evil institutions will come
to nothing. Jesus wins. We win. Pray with me. Help me to fear you Lord with a
holy reverence and awe. Help me to want to please you. I wait patiently for
Your return and for your judgment of evil in this world. Help me to be a part of
bringing as many brothers and sisters to You and Your Kingdom. I pray
especially for ________ today. Let them come to You as Lord and Savior. In
Jesus Name I pray, Amen.
Tuesday – Isaiah 11:1-5 Jesse was the father of King David in the Old
Testament. When this passage talks about a shoot that will grow from the
stump of Jesse, this is talking about Jesus. Jesus’ mother, Mary, was from
the lineage of David and Jesse. The branch that will bear fruit is the church.
You have seen a tree shoot grow from a stump and ultimately become a tree.
This “shoot” the passage is talking about will have the Spirit of the Lord
resting on Him. What follows is a description of the Holy Spirit of the Risen
Lord Jesus Christ that will dwell in the hearts of men like you and me.
Wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, knowledge and fear of the Lord,
all these things come as fruit on the branches of Jesus’ spiritual tree. And
they come to you and me as we grow in the knowledge of the Lord. Just as
the Lord will wear righteousness and faithfulness like a belt, so these things
will be extended to us as a part of the fruit in our lives, because of Jesus.
Take a moment and ask the Holy Spirit to give you the things mentioned in
this passage of scripture. Ask Him to change you.
Wednesday – Isaiah 11:6-8 You may have heard a song or two about this
passage of scripture. It’s talking about heaven, when the world is replaced
with the New Heaven and the New Jerusalem. Read Rev. 21:1-2. Both Isa.
11:6-8 and Rev. talk about the same thing. When everything is fully restored
to it’s original perfection, there will no longer be predators and victims. No
longer will there be rich and poor. No longer will there be any danger or peril.
Every part of creation will be at perfect peace and never again will there be
pain or suffering of any kind. This is the completion of God’s “work”. What
was begun in Genesis, described here in Isaiah, and finalized in Revelation

will be the only reality that matters any longer. And so shall we ever be with the
Lord. Take a moment to think about how you can apply this hope in your life today.
Thursday – Isaiah 11:9 Can you imagine Jerusalem, God’s Holy Mountain, being a
place of peace? It is the most war-torn piece of real estate on the planet. It’s
ownership is the most debated subject of all time. Three major world religions claim
their Messiah is coming to it, when time reaches fulfillment. All of our lives, rockets
and bombs have punctuated our evening news, as the Jews have struggled to exist
and the Arabs have sworn they cannot exist. Jerusalem, God’s Holy Mountain is the
very epitome of conflict and struggle. And yet, in that day, “None will harm or destroy
another on My entire holy mountain,” says God. Won’t that be amazing? Equally
amazing is that the land will be as full of the knowledge of the Lord as the sea used
to be filled with water. Remember, we are talking about an entirely new creation and
there is no more sea. Replacing the sea is a land full of the knowledge of the Lord.
Read 1 Cor. 13:9-12. Do you see where it says we will, “…know as we are fully
known”? Isaiah says the same thing. Today we struggle to know the Lord. We
struggle to understand Him. His ways are indeed, higher than our ways. But in that
day, we will know Him. We will know Him more fully and completely than anything we
have ever known in this life. Praise be to the Lord!
Friday – Isaiah 11:10 Have you ever seen a huge banner that signaled a sale or an
event? A banner that flies over a road or beside it? It is designed to attract attention
and make a statement. God has given us that same “banner for the peoples”. When
you read that term, “for the peoples”, it always means different people in different
place all over the world. All around the world, different people have seen the banner
of Jesus’ cross and resurrection. Many people have heard the Good News of the
Gospel and have responded. They have indeed sought Him. Read John 12:32.
Jesus says when he is lifted up on a cross, He will draw all men to himself. Around
the world, at the cross of Christ, people from every tongue and tribe and nation have
clearly seen Him and sought Him and found Him. And for every one of them and for
you and me, the future is the same. “His resting place will be glorious.” We will see
Him in the New Heaven and New Jerusalem, sitting on His Throne. Hallelujah!
Saturday – Isaiah 12:1-3 “On that day you will say…” What a marvelous way to
begin this passage! What will you say? Read it again. Pray it aloud. Shout it from
your doorway into the streets. The God who had every right to be angry with a sinful
man has turned away His anger and had compassion on us. He is our salvation. In
Him I can trust and not be afraid for He is my strength and my song. It was God the
Father’s plan to bring Jesus Christ to you and me so that His anger could become
His blessing to us. We are blessed by being able to joyfully draw water from the
springs of salvation. Read Rev. 22:1-2 What is described in Revelation is what Isaiah
was talking about. Such is the future of those who invest their lives into heaven’s
purposes. Let’s pray. “I will praise you Lord”, you have forgiven me and freely
accepted me into the Kingdom of Heaven. Thank you that an undeserving man, has
been given everything. Everything that matters. Everything that lasts. Everything that
saves. Everything that Heaven holds and eternity promises. I worship You with all of
my heart, mind, soul, and strength. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

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