Monday – Psalms 22:1-5 This Psalm, written 1000 years before Christ, like Isaiah 53 is a series of Messianic Prophecies. The Psalmist is given insight into what the Messiah will say and do when He comes. The words in Ps. 22 verse 1 are exactly the same as Matt. 27:46. Jesus said, “My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?” Can you imagine how Jesus felt as He was totally isolated from God for the first time in His life.  These verses in Ps. 22 record him calling out to His Father for help, but God doesn’t answer. In verse 3 and 4 the Psalmist even refers back to how God delivered Israel from Egypt when Israel cried out to Him. And Yet when Jesus cried out to God the Father, He was not delivered from death, but rather was delivered over to die. Can you imagine the pain the Father felt when He would not deliver His Son from death? The same God who said at Jesus’ baptism, “This is my beloved son, in Him I am well pleased”, did not answer Jesus’ “…why have You forsaken me?”, from the cross. Pray with me. Thank you Father that despite your pain when Jesus was dying on the cross for me, You still allowed Him to finish the work of Redemption for me. I owe you everything. I am your adopted Son, through Jesus Christ, and I will serve you all the days of my life. As for me, and my house, we will serve the Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Tuesday – Psalms 22:6-8 The abuse Jesus would take on the cross was prophesied in Ps. 22. Indeed the very words used to taunt Him at the cross were first written 1000 years before. Read Matt. 27:42-43. He was scorned and despised by men. He was mocked. They did taunt Him to call on God to rescue Him. The words of the Psalmist were exactly fulfilled by those Pharisees, who should have known they were fulfilling scripture as they spoke. But they could not resist taunting the one they hated so much. One has to wonder if those who uttered these words at the cross ever realized they had perfectly fulfilled the Messianic Prophecy in Ps. 22:7-8? And if they did, did they ever repent of those words and realize they had cursed the very Son of God? God did rescue Jesus. Not in the way we would think. God allowed His Son to die, and then He raised Him from the dead. Jesus is the only person ever given the title “…the firstborn from the dead and the ruler of the kings of the earth.” (Rev. 1:5) God rescued Him by raising Him from the dead. And when God rescued Jesus, He rescued us as well. God raised us as surely as He raised Jesus. Thanks be to God.

Wednesday – Psalms 22:9-14 Verses 9-10 refer to Jesus’ virgin birth. No one but Jesus ever belonged to God at birth and was rightly related to God from the womb. Then the Psalm immediately moves to telling the story of what Jesus felt during the cross. The Psalmist relates it to being mauled by bulls, or torn by lions. We can imagine that Jesus’ must have felt exactly this way as those He loved hated Him. We know from the things Jesus said and did in His life that He loved the Israelites. Yes He even loved those Israelites who were deceived enough by Satan to kill Him. That is why He prayed so specifically, “Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” (Luke 32:34) Finally in verse 14 the effects of crucifixion are described perfectly. The blood and water flowed from his side as the spear pierced it. His shoulders were dislocated.  Read verse 14 again and notice the incredible detail. Then take a few moments and thank the Lord in your own way for the Cross and for His Resurrection.

Thursday – Psalms 22:15-18 The description of the cross is incredible in it’s scope. Even the dividing of Jesus’ garments is described. But most explicit in it’s description is verse 16. In a time when crucifixion by being nailed to a cross did not exist, the Psalmist sees Jesus’ hands and feet being pierced.  While there are hundreds of prophecies that are amazingly descriptive, could there be any other person in all of history that could have fulfilled just the prophecies in Ps. 22?  Pray with me. Father, thank you for the beautiful tapestry of scripture, woven into the history of man. Help me to grow everyday in the knowledge of Your Word.  Help me to love you so much that somebody that I love can see it in me. Help me to be so sure of Your Resurrection that Your Presence flows out of me and into the people I love. Let them be convicted of their sin and come to You as Lord and Savior. Be exalted in me and my family. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

Friday – Psalms 22:19-26 The Father did rescue Jesus, not from the cross, but from the grave. The victory Jesus accomplished resulted in His fame. A fame that stretches through history and across nations. A fame that causes men and women in every corner of the earth to celebrate His resurrection. A wave of worship and praise begins in the Orient. With the rotation of the earth the wave continues across Russia and India, through the middle East, across Africe and Europe, to North and South America. As morning dawns around the world, so do the spiritual descendants of Jacob and Israel “revere Him”. We all give praise with “…the great congregation, because of You”. Those humble hearts who seek the Lord will praise Him. And from every nation will come those who will live forever. Amen and Amen.

Saturday – Psalms 22:27-31 The Risen Lord Jesus Christ rules over all the nations. All the ends of the earth will hear the story of the Cross and of His Resurrection. And some, those who of their own free will choose to, will turn to Him. And yes, the next generation and the next generation and the next generation “…will be told about the Lord. They will come and tell a people yet to be born about His righteousness-what He has done.” Pray with me. Hallelujah and Glory to God on high. Your righteous plan is being carried out and Your Story is being told over all the earth. All the families of the Nations will bow down before You, for kingship belongs to the Lord! Be praised and exalted from generation to generation. Be praised and exalted by a people yet to be born. For Your Word will never stop accomplishing Your Will. Your Spirit will never stop causing Your Name to be known. Be exalted. Be glorified. Be called “King of Kings and Lord of Lords”! You are worthy of all praise and all thanks is given to You, eternally. Forever and ever and ever, Amen.

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