Monday -Matthew 5:22–24 If you are offering your gift on the altar… How important is it to
stay current and forgiven in any relationship? Remember, at the time Jesus was speaking to the
crowd, they were still offering sacrifices on an altar, for the forgiveness of sin. Jesus was teaching
them a radical thing… because it would never occur to them to stop in the middle of a sacrifice.
They would never have dreamed that the hard feelings in their heart was more important than
what was being seen outwardly. Leave your gift on the altar…First go and be reconciled with your
brother, and then come and offer your gift. How important is your relationship with your wife,
husband, child, mother, father, brother? As much as it is in your power, make it right. This is
something I didn’t understand for years. I thought I did. But I didn’t. Read Ps. 69:4. Though I did
not steal, I must repay. This verse is talking about restoring something you had nothing to do with
destroying. This is about taking responsibility for something that maybe, isn’t even your
problem. Back to Matthew, you remember that your brother has something against you… Jesus
doesn’t say, you have something against your brother. You remember that there is something
wrong, from the other person’s perspective. This is so true, in close relationships. There are
many times when you will have done nothing wrong, but sometimes to give up being right
anyway. You do this because Jesus did this for us, not because others necessarily deserve, that
level of giving. You do this simply because Jesus said to. And if you do, He will bless you for it.
Tuesday – Matthew 5:43–45 …pray for those who persecute you, so that… That’s a big so that.
Jesus says some things that don’t make sense; don’t make sense humanly speaking that is.
Spiritually, there’s no telling how many people have become believers in Christ, because when
they were enemies of Christ, somebody took God at His Word and prayed, for those who
persecute…. Praying that way goes against every fiber of our humanity. It goes against every
sense of reason. But when we do it, just because Jesus is our Lord, we become supernatural
prayer warriors who are consistently knocking down the strongholds of Evil. Christians are not
told, hate your enemy, but love them. Love your enemies… in the same way God loves you. God
loves you for what you can be, not for what you are, or were. He loves you because of your
situation and because you have no solution for sin, on your own. So pray for those who persecute
you…knowing that God will sort it all out in the end. Injustice and unfair people will be judged
and they will pay, if they don’t’ repent. But until then, we are praying for them to repent and
become all God says they could be. This world will continue until that day. For He causes His sun
to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. Pray with me.
Lord I know this world has evil and injustice in it. I know there are unfair people who
persecute good people. You send your rain on the just and the unjust. I pray for
____________ who has been unfair to me. I pray you bless them with Your will for their life.
In Jesus Name, Amen.
Wednesday – Matthew 19:28-29 I assure you: in the Messianic Age… That Age is coming. It is
more sure and reliable than all the dawns of each new day. In the Messianic Age, is going happen
and when it does everyone who has left houses, brothers, or sisters, father or mother, children, or
fields because of my name… It really makes no sense for someone to leave the most tangible thing
in their life, for something totally untouchable and unknowable. And yet, every generation of the
church age has been filled with thousands upon thousands of believers who have done the
unthinkable. They have left what they have because their wants changed when they met Jesus.
They traded their present “kingdom” for the Messianic Age. The road to eternity is paved with the
unselfish and un-explainable acts of the saints who have taught us to how to live toward eternity.
Read Rev. 12:11. …for they did not love their lives in the face of death. Satan is defeated by the
tribulation saints by the blood of the Lamb…the word of their testimony, and their willingness to
trade everything in this life for everything in the Messianic Age. It is Jesus himself who says He
will reward them for all they sacrifice. It is Jesus Himself who will say “Well done, good and
faithful servant.” It is Jesus Himself who will give an increase of 100 times more than they lost in
this present world. It is Jesus Himself who will give them eternal life. After all, He is the one who
began the whole conversation with… I assure you…
Thursday – Matthew 19:30 first… Have you ever known someone who made themselves
first constantly? Almost everybody knows one. Sometimes we even know two or three. The thing

about that person, is that when they elevate themselves in various situations, they begin seeing
themselves entirely differently than others do. Pride and arrogance become normal to them.
They begin to lose perspective and lose friends. People simply will not stay around an arrogant
and prideful person. If only they had taken Jesus’ words to heart. But many who are first will be
last, and the last first. Now when we read the previous verses we see that Jesus is talking about
believers. And He is also talking about the Messianic Age. He is talking about how believers will
be judged in heaven for placing themselves first. Imagine the shock and surprise of those
believers who think they will be elevated and instead they will be humbled. But many who first
will be last, and the last first. Of a surety, at some point in your life you will spend some time
around an arrogant believer who has lifted themself up. When you do, love them, and pray for
them. Don’t let them affect your walk or your reward. Ask the Lord to open your spiritual eyes
and ears so that you can humbly assess the situation without being fooled. Ask the Lord to keep
you from being influenced by them. Rely on the leadership of your church to deal with the
situation, if it becomes unbearable. Talk to someone in leadership about the situation. But don’t
let those who make themselves first, affect you. Understand that the Lord Himself will judge
them someday. And everything unfair, will be made right.
Friday – Matthew 25:35-36 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat… Jesus taught
that true Christianity is not just a series of conversations, but also a series of actions. Much of
Jesus’ ministry involved healing and teaching. But some of it was feeding the poor. And Jesus was
very clear that serving and feeding the poor, was equal to serving Him. But as Christians we face
some very hard decisions. We have to be open-handed without being empty-headed. Christianity
is scripture upon scripture. No single verse is open to private interpretation. You see in addition
to calling believers to feed the poor, the Bible also says If anyone isn’t willing to work, he should
not eat. (2 Thess. 3:10) Many of the financial issues in our country and world today would be
solved with this one scripture alone. Any social programs for the poor should have to be based
on those who are willing to work. But then from there, if they will work, we should help them
open-handedly just as Jesus says. We should be open-handed and open-hearted for those who
are open to working. Take a moment and pray for the future of our nation and its social
Saturday – Mark 10:15-16 How does a little child see God? What does a child think of
God? Did you ever notice that short of a negative adult influence, there are no child
athiests? They see the world around us and they just assume there has to be maker. Do
you remember all the questions they ask? They get to an age where they are curious
about almost everything. And they will develop a lifelong faith in God if they get their
questions answered by strong believers who teach them the Word of God. How
important is the church? It is the most important institution in the world. More children
and families have been introduced to the Word of God and the Person of God by the
church than by any other means. The church is God’s method of bringing the Gospel to
the children of the world. As your Pastor, thank you for the various ways you serve the
church and the Kingdom. If you are not serving, then talk to the leadership in the church
as to where you can serve. Remember Jesus said Whoever does not welcome the kingdom
of God like a little child will never enter it. So we should approach the throne of Grace as
children, and we should always treat our children like the blessing that they are. After
taking them in His arms, He laid His hands on them and blessed them.

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