Monday- Psalms 22:26–28 What promise is given to those who are humble? Do you think humility is necessary to truly seek the Lord? Verse 27 teaches that believers from all over the world will hear the Gospel and choose to follow the Lord. Then finally in verse 28 the Psalmist says that God is Sovereign over Kings and Nations. One very important principle to understand the Bible is that God rules over and guides nations, while giving individuals the choice to be humble and follow Him..

Tuesday- Psalms 36:5–10   Read the passage. What is precious to you about these promises? Which one stands out to you? Write that promise down below.

Wednesday- Psalms 95:6–7 Read the passage and then take a few minutes to worship the Lord. List three things you can thank Him for.




In an attitude of worship, take some time to talk to Him. Thank Him for allowing us to be his people, the sheep under his care.

Thursday-Psalms 98:1–9 This is a Psalm of worship and praise. What does it mean when it says “…the Lord has made His victory known: He has revealed His righteousness in the sign of the Nations”? Do you think this is a statement about Jesus, the coming Messiah?

Friday- Isaiah 12:1–6 Have you ever had a time when you knew that your sins were forgiven? That is what these verses refer to. Before we receive Christ as our Savior, we are alienated from God the Father. He is angry with our sin. But when we ask for forgiveness, we “joyfully draw water from the springs of salvation,” Our reaction should be the same as Isaiah. “Declare that His name is exalted. Sing…cry out and sing…” What does it mean to you to be called a “Citizen of Zion”? Take a moment to write your feelings down. Worship the Lord.

Saturday- Isaiah 44:1–8 This is a prophetic passage about what will happen in the last days when Israel has been gathered back to Palestine. In the future, all of Israel will become a Christian Nation. Look at verse 5. It is talking about Jews who used to only be Jewish. Now they no longer only identify themselves as Jews but as Jews who belong to Jesus. Then in verse 7 God reveals why He chose the Jews. (the descendants of Abraham) He says He did it to prove that He can “announce the future”. Take a moment and pray to Him. Call Him your Rock. Then read back through the whole passage and use it as a prayer to the Lord. Worship Him.

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