Monday – Isaiah 55:10–11 When seed germinates it has two purposes. One, it provides food to eat immediately. Two, it provides seed to be sown into others lives. God describes his Word as having the same characteristics in our lives. It will provide benefit now and later. It will have an immediate effect and also a cumulative effect. The immediate effect is that it meets our needs for spiritual nourishment. As we read or hear His Word it becomes to us, literally, the Bread of Life. Jesus called himself the Bread of Life. Read Mt. 6:30-35. How do Jesus’ words serve to explain the passage in Isaiah? The second purpose is to provide seed to sow into other’s lives. As the Word of God nourishes us, we become capable of testimony and sowing new seed to grow in the lives of others. Who are you praying for? Write down their names below and pray God’s Word be sown into their lives.

Tuesday – Matthew 4:4 Have you ever driven by a bakery and the smell of hot fresh bread drift into your car? One of my fondest memories when I was a child was my family driving to a local bakery that had a drive-through window. You could buy bread that had just been baked and was so hot you could hardly hold it. We would break it with our hands and eat it while it was still steaming hot. That is what God intends for His Word to be in our lives. When we are spiritually hungry, when we are lonely, when we are empty, He wants to fill our lives with the precious spiritual truths of His Word. And it should be as important to us as what we eat at breakfast lunch or dinner. You are to be commended because you are pausing in your busy life and your full schedule to feed your spirit with the Word of God. According to Mt. 4:4, what you are doing right now (studying God’s Word) is what man must do to be healthy. Pray with me. God thank you for Your Word. Thank you that when I open it up and read, it feeds me spiritually in a way nothing else does. I consume it and it changes me. Just the reading of Your Word transforms me. Change me, mold me, make me into what You want me to be. I want to know You. I want to know Your ways. Thank you for Your provision for me in Your Word. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Wednesday – Jeremiah 23:26–32 One of the clear reasons God gave us the Bible was to clearly define to us what a false religion or a false teacher is. God’s Word makes the claim to be inerrant, containing only absolute truth. However, God’s Word regularly talks about what is false. This passage begins by describing false prophets sharing dreams that they claim to be “inspired”. But God says that their real motivation is to cause God’s people to follow after Baal, a false God of a false religion. Back in the time the Book of Jeremiah was written many of the people of the surrounding nations followed Baal worship. God compares the “revelations” of the false prophets to straw. God says three things of His Word. It is like grain, fire, and like a hammer pulverizing rock. It is like grain because it feeds us. It is like fire because it purifies us, in the same way a refiner of gold or silver purifies it. It is like a hammer in that it breaks those places in us that need to be broken. Thus we can learn from this passage that God hates false religions and false prophets. We also learn that God claims that the Bible is a life-changing document full of truth. That it is spiritually alive with transformational qualities. Read 2 Cor. 3:18. Take a moment to think about how God says He is changing you. Pray and thank Him for His goodness.

Thursday – 2 Timothy 2:13 The issue is not really “if”, it is “when” we will be faithless. Even though we are saved from our sin, we are not yet perfected. We will sin and take the precious Grace of the Lord for granted in our lives. It is then that God’s marvelous plan for our redemption, comes into full focus. He is faithful to His Word even when we are not. “If we are faithless, He remains faithful…” Why? Because He has said in His Word what He will and will not do, and He will not deny Himself or change His mind about us. Read John 10:27–30 Jesus says no one can snatch His sheep out of His hand. Jesus says of the Father that no one is able to snatch His Sheep out of His hand. No one can remove them from the protection of the Father’s hand. No one, not even us. Now 2 Tim. 2:13 comes into full focus. God’s plan was to keep us, not to lose us, if we are faithless. No, He remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself.

Friday – 2 Samuel 22:31   This passage in Samuel is actually repeated verbatim, in Ps. 18:30. So the Bible says it not once, but twice. Exactly the same language, exactly the same way. And it bears saying twice. “His way is perfect”. It means His character. It means how He loves. It means His patience with us. “His way”. It is perfect. Then the scriptures tell us “the word of the Lord is pure”. Today, a bottle of pure water actually will not likely be pure. For instance, even the plastic the water is in, can lend impurities to the water. When God says His Word is pure, it means it has nothing in it except what He intended to be in it. Nothing extra. Every word is His Word. It is there because He intended it to be there, inspired a prophet to write it, and then preserved it through history so that it could come down to us exactly the way He intended it to be. When we take refuge in the Word of God it becomes our perfect shield. It protects us from the ravages of this world. It protects us from the evil one. The purity of His Word protects our families when we teach it to our children. Read the scripture again and memorize it. Carry it with you and remember it when you need it. Pray with me. Lord Your way is perfect. It restores our souls. It changes our hearts. Teach me your ways, that I might not sin against you. Instruct me in the way I should go. Lead me in Your pathways. Protect me from the evil one and all his servants. Help me to follow you all the days of my life. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

Saturday – Psalms 19:7 Have you ever prayed for wisdom? In a difficult situation, or in a confusing time, we all long to know how to make Godly decisions. I am drawn to the last phrase of this passage, “…making the inexperienced wise.” All of us are inexperienced in something. When God promises the inexperienced person, wisdom, it is a promise from the creator of the universe. One of God’s attributes is that He is omniscient. That means He knows everything. So we have the promise of the one who knows everything, to make the inexperienced wise. How do we get that wisdom? Through His perfect instruction which renews our lives. Through the testimony of Lord, which is trustworthy. As we embrace His Word and His ways, He makes us wise. So pray for wisdom. Check out James 1:5. Then ask Him.


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